Timeless Tales

Timeless Tales is a performance for school children, community, actors, and symphony orchestra. During a series of school workshops, children listen to great pieces of music based upon classic stories – Timeless Tales…

We then work closely with them to create their own modern versions, retellings, of these stories. After a little pinch of magic from our team, the stories are performed, by the children, alongside the orchestra in concert, making for a thrilling evening of music and storytelling, and a lot of happy faces.

Giles Roberts London Arts Orchestra @ Christ Church Spitalfields 04-10-12 (web) ∏ Alex Brenner, please credit (_D3C2662)

The first performance of Timeless Tales was in 2012, featuring music by Tchaikovsky, Bernstein and the War Horse Suite by Adrian Sutton.

Project developed with support from the National Theatre and People at Play.