London Arts Orchestra combines music and storytelling, creating imaginative performances based upon great works of classical music.

London Arts Orchestra was founded in 2009 with the aim of making orchestral music more accessible to a wider audience. We put a lot of thought into crafting a complete concert experience that goes beyond the music. How can we best illuminate an interesting aspect of the piece’s history? Is there a narrative behind the music that can be performed by actors or dancers? How can we create an atmosphere in the concert hall that best allows you to enjoy that specific piece, at that specific time? Music Director and Co-Founder Edward Farmer says, “We’re pushing the boundaries of what an orchestral performance can be. Just as Art Galleries offer headphones, we offer a  new perspective on great old masterpieces. I believe it’s a natural step in the evolution of classical music.” We frequently work with a wide range of performers, bringing new aspects to the classical music story.

Our players are young professionals from the world-class music conservatoires of London, and part of our mission is to provide exciting opportunities for developing professional musicians. Having operated for the first 6 years with student musicians supported by a dedicated network of volunteers, LAO resolved in 2015 to pursue only professional projects and support all artists for their work. Our successful fundraising efforts have led to support from the Arts Council England, and we are excited about launching further projects in the coming years with support from a range of partners.

To read about projects in the pipeline for which we are currently seeking funding, please see our Projects page.