The Dramaturg

We are delighted to announce that the LAO is working with Dramaturg John Lloyd Davies for our upcoming production based upon Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique.

John has a stellar list of credits from international opera houses around the world, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience about live performance, theatre, music, and all things in between. Great to have you on board John!

Music, Shakespeare, History Books, Coffee and Big Ideas… typical LAO development meeting!

Berlioz Meeting 1 

A Symphony on Stage

This exciting collaboration between London Arts Orchestra and Rough Fiction features Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. Berlioz wrote the symphony to express his unrequited love for Harriet Smithson, a red haired Irish actress he saw playing Ophelia in Hamlet in Paris.

The music, however, is based upon a fictional story created by the composer, of a musician of unhealthily sensitive nature who poisons himself with opium in love-sick despair… presumably somewhat auto-biographical on Berlioz’s part!

This project will fuse spoken narrative, physical theatre, and the full symphony in a bold new performance style unlike anything we have seen or imagined before.

Working on the project is Director Simon Pittman who has extensive independent professional experience as a theatre director and movement director with company’s such as The National Theatre of Scotland, Soho Theatre, and Frantic Assembly, West End producer Peter Huntley who has worked recently for Sonia Freedman Productions / Globe Theatre, and experienced Writer / Dramatur John Lloyd Davis a long term collaborator at the Royal Opera House and on international opera productions as a Director and Designer.

The development of the project is being supported by the Arts Council England, Barbican / Guildhall creative learning, and London Southbank University. After a invited rehearsal at LSO St Luke’s  in July 2015 we will aim for a week long run of performances in summer 2016. The development of the piece will be documented on video, with a behind the scenes footage and a performance trailer being released online. Watch this space!


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London Arts Orchestra

London Arts Orchestra

London Arts Orchestra was founded in 2009 with the aim of making orchestral music more accessible to a wider audience.

We put a lot of thought into crafting a complete concert experience that goes beyond the music. How can we best illuminate an interesting aspect of the piece’s history? Is there a narrative behind the music that allows us to work with actors or artists? How can we create an atmosphere in the concert hall that best allows you to enjoy that specific piece, at that specific time?